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Posted: 09:55AM Nov 27, 2007
Avatar for dreamlvr1432 dreamlvr1432Aus
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Now open to active players: WTB #281 Each round will last 2 days to give everyone a chance to participate.

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Posted: 03:15PM Nov 27, 2007
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Me and my colleagues are starting the new and improved SURVIVOR BRAINGLE! There will be a hidden immunity idol, an extra rat, and a seer! SO COME ON DOWN TO CASTING AND JOIN NOW!

15 suvivors will be stranded on the island (A.K.A. 15 players will be playing)

This is a private game so if you want to play and are not on my buddy list please PM me!, click on the link and create a Swag Bucks account. Swag Bucks is a site where you can get free stuff for just searching stuff
Posted: 05:49PM Nov 27, 2007
Avatar for Fire_Shell96 Fire_Shell96b
Posts: 381

I have started a new Werewolf game.

It is called "Werewolf Game-The Future."

As you can tell, it is a game that has the theme of the future. There will be capacity for 15 people, and it is an open game. I would like the participants to be active, since it helps the game get running. There are a couple of extras on my game. I will be posting the last words from the people who get shot, tell the people who they shot was a human or wolf, and also I will give out clues occasionally. The days are 2 days, and 1 day for the night.

Please come and Join!

"Don't say anything if you don't have something nice to say." Jeez, I wouldn't want to know what goes on in the minds of quiet people.
Posted: 07:55PM Nov 29, 2007
Avatar for Fire_Shell96 Fire_Shell96b
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all right! my game has now started! thnx for all the advice! u have decided to take out the extras, guess i need to change the sig. now...

"Don't say anything if you don't have something nice to say." Jeez, I wouldn't want to know what goes on in the minds of quiet people.
Posted: 10:54PM Nov 29, 2007
Avatar for Radioguy RadioguyAusmod
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ARR, as the addition to me sig indicates, I is doin' another pirate adventure, me 5th in a series of WTB! Join me, but hurry, I sent out LOTS of invites!

I will now resume lurking silently.
Post from happyhak deleted on 04:10PM Nov 30, 2007.
Posted: 01:43PM Dec 5, 2007
Avatar for horseluvr horseluvrAus
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Is it a female?
Is their score over 100?
do they have any awards?
would you like to join my werewolf game?

2 days/day 1day/night. Each round, each player can ask two questions as to the identity of the wolves. I will pick one wolf and answer questions about that wolf for each round. EXAMPLE- for round one WOLF A will be the one I examine, in round two, It may be wolf A or B.

This is a ten player, open game. hope to see you there!

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Post from j279 deleted on 10:40AM Dec 12, 2007.
Posted: 03:43PM Dec 11, 2007
Avatar for 4demo 4demogus
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TWG: Color Edition #2

Using similar but improved principles of the first Color Edition, all players in this game must post in specific colors assigned by the mod that coordinate with their roles. The colors are randomly assigned and players must decide how to use the assigned colors to protect their identities if they're Wolves or the Seer or accidentally-on-purpose reveal their identities if they're Humans. This is a 15-player private game with one day each for day and night.

WTB: The Braingle Times #2

Based upon The Braingle Times, the storyline involves a newspaper called The Braingle Times. The Boss is the Editor, the Rat the Assistant Editor, the employees the Staff Reporters, and the mod the Human Resources department. Each round, two themed posts are required to uphold the newspaper theme. This is a 20-player private game with one day rounds.

For both games, players are expected to be active, friendly users and preferably have TWG/WTB experience (but not required). The main things are to be active and vote, participate in discussions, and be respectable and follow all rules.

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Post from j279 deleted on 08:03PM Dec 11, 2007.
Posted: 12:56PM Dec 12, 2007
Avatar for irivera iriveraA
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Do you like "The Phantom of the Opera?" Then join WTB: Paris Opera House Edition with me irivera as your moderator.

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Posted: 04:02PM Dec 12, 2007
Avatar for musicguy musicguyAus
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I am modding my first WTB game, it is called "Fall of SIN" i got the concept from one of sunrose's games the story should be pretty good. Sign ups start today with 15 people and 24 hour rounds

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Posted: 06:13PM Dec 15, 2007
Avatar for shaidar9haran shaidar9haranbus
Posts: 171

Join my new TWG game:

War Games Part 1: Assassin's Guild

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Posted: 06:47PM Dec 16, 2007
Avatar for manny_k manny_kA
Posts: 2


I've started a 20 player TWG - with agents vs. spies.

Agents have a "director" to help them with missions, clues, and guidance.
Spies have a "general" to give them secret missions to foil agents activities and spead disinformation

Agents can sucessfully complete missions by completing brain teasers, riddles, or other problems with a time limit - success helps them with information, or possibly intercepting a message to the spies!

This game is for VERY active players only.


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Posted: 07:33PM Dec 16, 2007
Avatar for Fire_Shell96 Fire_Shell96b
Posts: 381

I have started a new TWG.

It is titled Werewolf Game, and I have copied Cyberstar's Dynamic Rule werewolf game, although I changed it a little bit.

It is for 15 players, and there is no theme involved, although there is a color rule.

Please read it for more details.

I also prefer that you be active.

"Don't say anything if you don't have something nice to say." Jeez, I wouldn't want to know what goes on in the minds of quiet people.
Post from greenwavepi deleted on 05:58PM Dec 26, 2007.
Posted: 05:56PM Dec 26, 2007
Avatar for Radioguy RadioguyAusmod
Posts: 3588

ARR, me mateys! I have started signups for me seventh Who's The Boss game, "Black Hook 7: Wind and Fire"! Hurry and sign up, or ye will miss the excitement!

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I will now resume lurking silently.
Post from deltacommander deleted on 04:36PM Jan 8, 2008.
Posted: 12:26AM Jan 8, 2008
Posts: 23

I just started Jedi Wars III. Two Jedi have attached themselves to the Sith search party, find them before they destroy the team. Rounds are two days. And while it is a private game I will add you to my buddy list if you PM me and are an active WTB player.

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Posted: 06:17PM Jan 8, 2008
Avatar for MattM462 MattM462Aus
Posts: 1516

The Chaotic Casino is back!

My Buddy list only, PM to request membership...

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