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I know TNP personally (#4)

Posted: 12:47PM Jan 18, 2023
Avatar for b3atbox06 b3atbox06bus
Posts: 428

I can get very creative with puns, but only to mess with my friends, i guess you could say they think I'm very pun-noying (im sorry)

TNP has performed in front of their friends and family

Posted: 08:38PM Feb 14, 2023
Avatar for cutebunny4444 cutebunny4444Aus
Posts: 761

I have performed piano many times in front of my friends and family.

TNP has travelled to more than two different continents.

If you keep rereading my signature, you'll get really bored of it!
Posted: 12:33PM Feb 21, 2023
Avatar for FatHead FatHeadAus
Posts: 3151

Not only that, I've traveled to other planets! Not like the next poster, who never leaves the house, and has developed a fear of people.

Shogi - or Japanese chess - is better than regular chess. You should visit to play shogi.
Posted: 12:23PM Feb 23, 2023
Avatar for b3atbox06 b3atbox06bus
Posts: 428

School doesn't count, I hate touching grass or seeing the sun

TNP has received an award for their skill in a subject or hobby!

Posted: 10:29AM Apr 30, 2023
Avatar for Vanonymous Vanonymoustvn
Posts: 497

Well, excuse you! How dare you, an ordinary nobody, bump into me, a semiprofessional speed walking champion?! I should just show you my (participation) certificate and saunter away! If you're going to have legs, then use them for something good, like speedwalking! Humph.

TNP is the popular jock kid at school.

---This message was edited on 10:30AM Apr 30, 2023---

with great power comes great electricity bill
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