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Guess the song

Posted: 05:28PM Oct 18, 2021
Avatar for 4wheels 4wheelsAus
Posts: 5121

Someone will post a single lyric from a song the next person will name the song and post a new lyric

She hasn't got the faith or guts to leave him

Google is allowed

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I'm on Braingle far too long, I stay on the computer from dusk to dawn. Playing games and chatting with friends, the novelity of it never ends.
Posted: 05:49PM Nov 5, 2021
Avatar for mathmaven mathmaventca
Posts: 73

No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature

There's a party in my head and no one is invited
Posted: 05:50PM Aug 5, 2022
Avatar for king_solver_764 king_solver_764bau
Posts: 43

solitude is bliss

you break me down, you build me up, believer, believer

Hello there.
Posted: 05:42AM Aug 16, 2022
Avatar for MarcM1098 MarcM1098Acamod
Posts: 667

Believer by Imagine Dragons

But as with the shadows
Of lonely trees
We are in bondage
But our hearts are still free

There are two kinds of people. Do you spread happiness WHEREver you go or WHENever you go?
Posted: 09:53AM Aug 19, 2022
Avatar for Braxton Braxtonbus
Posts: 9

Diamond Sun.

One sip, bad for me
One hit, bad for me
One kiss, bad for me
But I give in so easily
And no thank you is how it should've gone
I should stay strong
Posted: 04:12PM Aug 19, 2022
Avatar for king_solver_764 king_solver_764bau
Posts: 43

Weak by AJR

Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be

Hello there.
Posted: 05:47AM Aug 22, 2022
Avatar for Braxton Braxtonbus
Posts: 9

Counting stars By one republic

This month, I got seven haircuts
And now my hair is all gone
It's sad but I've been alone for too long
So I keep getting haircuts
Posted: 11:45PM Nov 9, 2022
Avatar for king_solver_764 king_solver_764bau
Posts: 43

Bummerland by AJR

Falling too fast to prepare for this
Tripping in the world could be dangerous
Everybody circling, it's vulturous
Negative, nepotist

Hello there.
Posted: 01:18PM Dec 7, 2022
Avatar for Braxton Braxtonbus
Posts: 9

Believer Imagine Dragons

Watch it on the news
Whatcha gonna do?
I could hit refresh and forget
Used to keep it cool
Posted: 05:50PM Dec 13, 2022
Avatar for whoviandeb whoviandebAus
Posts: 1261

Burn the House Down - AJR

For a cool orange juice or a bagel
On the soft, green cylindrical stools
Sit the fools drinking cinnamon coffee
Or decaffeinated tea
Posted: 07:19PM Dec 14, 2022
Avatar for StewieGriffin StewieGriffin*ie
Posts: 1307

I'm a little rusty and a little drunk (I am Irish after all). But I'm going to guess it's "Andrew Garfield and the Moonlight diner ensemble", and the song is called "Sunday my l"?

I'm going to post some lyrics a little close to home... I don't mind you looking them up if you don't know them...

"Short sleeves and warm skin
Losing coins calling next of kin
Dropping words about the city we're in".
Remember I'm Irish, look into it and let me know .

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"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." Carl Sagan
Posted: 10:45AM Apr 6, 2023
Posts: 4

Hi guys I'm new here. I'm going to guess Oxygen by JJ72.

here's my song lyrics
"I wish i'd fall asleep with you
but I just wear the clothes you left"

Fakes get loved, and the real get hate- thats life
Posted: 08:29PM Apr 17, 2023
Avatar for bluegrasss bluegrasssAusmod
Posts: 8064

Avery Lynch - All I Need

"I never understood a single word he said,
So I flushed him down the commode"

To all the survivors out there, perseverance does pays off, little by little. JHS
Posted: 02:52AM Jul 28, 2023
Posts: 60

bluegrasss wrote:
Avery Lynch - All I Need

"I never understood a single word he said,
So I flushed him down the commode"

Joy to the World by Three Dog Night!

"I'm in love with you"

Check out my windows site. Don't forget to tell your friends about this place. Also, check out this discord.
Posted: 03:52PM Aug 13, 2023
Avatar for whoviandeb whoviandebAus
Posts: 1261

Do You Want to Know a Secret -- The Beatles

"Jesus freaks out in the streets handed tickets out for God"
Posted: 08:00AM Sep 2, 2023
Avatar for Aitana Aitanatng
Posts: 8

Hi guys. I'm new here. The song is Tiny dancer - Elton John
My song lyrics is:
Take a look inside your heart
Is there any room for me
I won't have to hold my breath
Till you get down on one knee

Butterflies are meant to be free. Let them flaunt their beautiful wings.
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