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Game Forum Rules and Questions for the Moderators

Posted: 02:13PM Jun 10, 2008
Avatar for phrebh phrebhbus
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Only KoS can answer that.

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Posted: 02:36PM Jun 10, 2008
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phrebh wrote:
Only KoS can answer that.

FYI. He did. It is.
Posted: 10:05AM Jul 14, 2008
Avatar for BJBland2004 BJBland2004Aus
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I have a game I made through a game making software. It is EXE format, and it is a simple arcade game. I was wondering if there was a way to get my game onto the braingle game section.

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Posted: 11:46PM Jul 18, 2008
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BJB, you will need to pm Jake and ask. He is the site owner and is in charge of decisions such as this one. Another option would be to post your request in the Bug Reports and Feature Requests Forum. If you do choose to start a topic in that forum about your game, please read the Please Read Before Posting topic in that forum first to make sure it is permitted. I hope this information helps.


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Post from coltonr1 deleted on 02:45AM Aug 1, 2008.
Post from crow deleted on 12:12AM Oct 9, 2008.
Posted: 03:40PM Aug 8, 2008
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Hi Crow, welcome to the forums. Feel free to introduce yourself in this topic. Or if you just want to generally discuss anything, you can post here. Again, welcome, and have fun!

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Posted: 03:42PM Aug 8, 2008
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thanks TRILLIONAIRE i think i will

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Posted: 08:32PM Aug 17, 2008
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Question to the mods about Games Forum Rules vs. Braingle Forum Rules.

In the Games Forums Rules, it says you're allowed to post an "advertisement" to any game-related site. However, the forums rules and the clarification by Jake say that posting a link in the first post in order to start a topic about that one site is against the rules.

Basically, all of the topics that are about one single website are just advertisements that nobody responds to:

Example 1
- - -
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4 - One whole topic just for a link?
- - -
Example 5 - Locked because of Advertising.
- - -
Example 6
- - -
Example 7
- - -
Example 8
- - -
Example 9
- - -
Example 10 - Locked and deleted post, even though it was extremely similar to the other examples.
- - -
Example 11
- - -

Those were only the ones in the first 7-8 pages (if displaying 50 topics/page).

Basically, I'm just asking for clarification about the rule about posting a topic that relies on an outside link. Thanks.

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Posted: 02:29PM Aug 21, 2008
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I can understand your confusion. Although there was several months where I wasn't on the site much due to real life (RL). Some posts may have been easily missed by the other mods, for we are not able to catch each and every little thing on this forum.

I will say that it was determined that in the games forum, members could post a link to an outside game sites is fine, even if a single topic is started for it. You will find that some rules are lessened here and are more enforced in other areas of the site due to this area being a games area, such as the games may have a one word response (which can be considered spam), and such. That is why some of the rules are modified for this particular forum.

At least that was how it was when I became a mod anyways.

And if you want a better clarification, then post it in another section of the site or in the Bug/Request Feature Forum and ask Jake.

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Posted: 02:36PM Aug 21, 2008
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Thank you for your post, Sunrose. I understand that real life gets into the way sometimes.

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Posted: 04:09PM Aug 22, 2008
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Sorry for the double-post.

King of Smart's Checkers Tournament has been over for a while. I'm just posting here for him because he's leaving Braingle for a while...

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Posted: 03:36PM Aug 24, 2008
Avatar for LogicalRoger LogicalRogerAus
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Well I didn't realize that you needed permission to moderate a game, but now I've read the rules and understand why my topic "Clue/Cluedo" was locked. But I don't see how my topic 'Amnesiacs Anonymous" could be considered spam. It was a game in which we asked each other questions and then gave humorous answers. Everyone obeyed the rules, and did not try to promote anything so I'd like to know how it was considered spam?

P.S - Could it be possible to have "Clue/Cluedo" unlocked, or will that have to wait until next time when I get permission?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted: 10:30AM Aug 26, 2008
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This would have been better handled by replying to my pm. I will send you another one with more explanation.

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Posted: 11:43AM Sep 12, 2008
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Hey mods, there's two Image Games - both numbered 5 - the one with the #5 is the active one, the other seems to have been resurrected and probably should be closed.
Posted: 04:33PM Sep 18, 2008
Avatar for Radioguy RadioguyAusmod
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Thank you. Appropriate action will be taken.

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Post from TRILLIONAIRE deleted on 04:42PM Oct 5, 2008.
Post from crow deleted on 12:26AM Oct 6, 2008.
Posted: 03:35AM Oct 30, 2008
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Is there anyway that you can find out where the ships are that you missed when you lose at Battleships? It might just be me but it's really annoying not knowing.
Posted: 10:22PM Oct 31, 2008
Avatar for Mysterious MysteriousAus
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megabreath wrote:
Is there anyway that you can find out where the ships are that you missed when you lose at Battleships? It might just be me but it's really annoying not knowing.

You will need to request this in the Bug Reports & Feature Requests as this would be Jake's decision.

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