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Posted: 01:15AM May 13, 2009
Avatar for dinosaurus98 dinosaurus98bus
Posts: 25

There has been a burglary at the luxury mansion of a millionaire. The millionaire is away on his yacht, and one of his servants has just discovered the crime. The first police officer to arrive at the scene of a crime in response to a 999 call, is called the First Officer Attending(FOA). The FOA secures the scene using police tape, this stops people walking about over the crime scene, destroying evidence. Next, the FOA calls for any assistance needed, for example, a detective and a SOCO and an ambulance if someone is injured. Today, you are the detective on duty.

If you want to join ths mystery solving please join The Case of the Stolen Jewels 5.
Come join before it's too late! If you want a mystery-filled game join here now!
Five people left before mystery solving will start.

Also please join my werewolf game: The Best in Every round.
Every round I will have you something that you need to accomplish. If you are the one to accomplish it you will receive a clue. I will give interesting clues. The clue will depend on the status of the game.

So if you want to join the fun please join now. Join now, there are still spaces left. Please help me invite people to join these games.

Please join my WWG game "Dead In the Day"!
Posted: 08:14PM May 19, 2009
Avatar for McNabb23 McNabb23Aus
Posts: 253

YAY!! it's the end of the summer. You're all excited. But wait, you're going to be starting middle school in the summer!!! Now you're going to be worrying your summer away. Instead of doing that, join "Middle School, High School help and fun. Find out everything you need to know or share your advice.
Post from DaleGriffin deleted on 05:23AM Dec 20, 2019.
Posted: 04:47PM May 29, 2009
Avatar for chittermouse3 chittermouse3A
Posts: 1868

If you like a good time, come and join reggie57's Outburst talkbox, where we play Outburst just like the classic board game. Request membership here. Hopefully that link works!

I just lost the game...and so did you.
Posted: 02:17PM Jun 7, 2009
Avatar for jingles01 jingles01Aus
Posts: 558

New amazing Wizard of Oz Werewolf Game!!!!!
This is a fun and entertaining werewolf game with clues! and fun!!!
Join now and see if you will be a witch, munchkin, or the great and powerful wizard!
Learn more and join here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the games begin!!!

It is Summer!!!!!♥
Posted: 01:21AM Jun 9, 2009
Avatar for danielzerman danielzermanAau
Posts: 288

Long, long ago, deep in a forest, an alien spacecraft smashed down to earth.
The bacteria on this alien spacecraft evolved over thousands of years into a mutant disease.
This disease takes over the mind of the victom. The other symptoms only occur at night such as a furry face, wet nose and a thirst for human blood.

In the year 2009, Some campers were camping in this forest and four of the ten were infected.
one of the ten that was not infected, is acctually a decendant of the alien that crash landed all those years ago, disguised as a camper.
He can detect on his advanced technology which campers are infected, but too afraid to remove his disguise.

Campers - Humans
Alien - Seer
Infected - Werewolves

Come join the werewolf game Here

If you are allergic to something then you shouldn't put it in your mouth, especially if it is cats!
Posted: 04:13PM Jun 21, 2009
Avatar for quesadillaman12 quesadillaman12Aus
Posts: 1

Calling all Transformers fans!
There's a WTB? game that I moderated. It's Who's the Boss Game #1646 : Transformers. Please join. I need 9 more players.

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¡Claro que sí!
Posted: 02:45AM Jul 9, 2009
Avatar for lil09 lil09Aau
Posts: 5198

New Talk Box - LGBTI - Discussion and Support.

A support and networking forum for Braingle's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community and their friends. This TB is for those that are committed to LGBTI individuals' rights to live joyful and complete lives, free from discrimination.

Please feel free to join by either requesting membership via the Browse Talk Boxes or PM me.

I am thinking of setting up a private one as well.

PM me if you would rather join a private TB than a public one.

Beware the lollypop of mediocrity; one lick and you'll suck forever.
Post from dowinka deleted on 12:21AM Jul 13, 2009.
Posted: 03:08PM Jul 26, 2009
Avatar for beatlesgirl beatlesgirl*
Posts: 1255

Join my WTB! - Who's the Disney Villain?

Join Here!

You're on a safari of the Prideland with your fellow safari-goers. There are 13 of you in all, but you know none of the others. You're riding along watching zebras and gazelles, when all at once the vehicle gets stuck. You, along with the others on your safari, rush to the front of the vehicle to see what happened. Once everyone gets there, however, you all realize the driver has hit some sort of hole - a rather large one in fact. With all of the weight being shifted in the vehicle, it tips over and falls into the dark pit.
"Scar, Scar, they're here!" you hear someone shout. "Shut up, you stinkin' hyena!" you hear in reply.
All at once a light comes on in the pit. Banzai and Ed, two of the hyenas, are in front of the vehicle that miraculously landed on its wheels after the long fall.
Banzai says, "Welcome city-dwellers, to our Prideland. Scar, our most magnificent and powerful leader, has created a mysterious potion to turn animals into people and people into animals. You all are our guinea pigs - well...not yet, but you soon might be. Scar and our fellow hyena, Shenzi, have transformed themselves to people." As you look around, you notice that there are 15 of you now...but you can't remember who was on the safari before the fall. Banzai continues, "You all will try to figure out who Scar is. If you guess correctly, you'll be saved for a few days perhaps. If not...or if you're too scared to guess, you'll be transformed into the animal of our liking. Then you'll be devoured by us, because we like food. Right, Ed?" "Heh heh heh, yup," chuckles Ed.
Will you be able to unmask Scar? Or will you be turned into an animal and be devoured by Banzai and Ed?
Boss - Scar
Rat - Shenzi
Employees - Safari travelers

Please only join if you plan on being active!

"A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep." - Cinderella
Posted: 05:46PM Jul 26, 2009
Avatar for idiot_original idiot_originalA
Posts: 2924

An off braingle mind exercise "game" that may be a useful function, as well.

check out:


where they claim to fund U.N. donations of rice to needy people in the world, AS a proportional result of your activity there.

if you see any evidence it is bogus or harmful, please let me know in p.m.

i have played there off and on for a couple of years, now. there are many subjects, not just the initial word definitions game.


Human intelligence has peaked, and is declining. For proof, see Speaker of House
Posted: 01:33PM Jul 27, 2009
Avatar for chittermouse3 chittermouse3A
Posts: 1868

Are you a Potterhead?

Then Godric's Hollow is the place for you!!! It's a vibrant community full of people who love Harry Potter just as much as you do. You can take classes featured in the books and movies, and visit a plethora of RP locations like Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. It's been moved from its original location, which was a Braingle talkbox so it could become bigger and better. What are you doing? Go there!

Godric's Hollow

I just lost the game...and so did you.
Posted: 03:38PM Jul 30, 2009
Avatar for PineappleMama PineappleMamaAus
Posts: 13848

......................... Aloha Wahines and Bruddahs. Welcome to the Big Blue.


We've been majorly bummed as our waters are totally sharky. Biscuits are being found in bits and pieces. The bruddahs are trying to stay away until the problem resolves, but you know us, console surfing is just not the same. Every night at least one dude is meeting the man in the grey suit. Some of the Bros bailed, but the Brosefs & Divas are seriously aggro and have banded together to hunt down the landlords. Groups have already tried and failed SIX times to oust these sharks. Think you're up to the challenge?

............................ Grab Your Harpoons And Board Up Guys and Dolls!

Schoolies be warned this game is not for Barney Braingle Brodads or Wannabe Wax Bums. Do NOT sign up if you don't intend to play. If you do, your beach bum will be chum in less time than it takes for a benny to get a facial!

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Fractions are romantic.
Post from grilledcheese deleted on 01:08PM Aug 19, 2009.
Posted: 12:33PM Aug 15, 2009
Avatar for Trickster1992 Trickster1992Aen
Posts: 14515

I'm very bored, so

"Dekker's prequel/sequel to his "Circle" trilogy (Black, Red, and White) is an apocalyptic, spellbinding thriller set 2000 years in the future. Earth as we know it has been destroyed. Thomas Hunter, who time-traveled to the future, discovers that his son has joined up with the dark forces. Verdict: Dekker continues to write shocking stories that revolve around the war between good and evil in our hearts. His myriad fans will want this suspenseful, larger-than-life visionary novel, which will also appeal to readers who enjoy Dean Koontz and Stephen King." -- Library Journal

Green will be released September 1st, 2009. Dekker is a great author, so read it!

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There's something that's missing if we can't recognize that our own existence is the miracle before our eyes. --Michael Tait
Posted: 12:36PM Aug 15, 2009
Avatar for iforgotbraingle iforgotbraingleAus
Posts: 4883

Join the "Mods Can't Mod" talkbox. We're discussing how to not suck.

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Well then.
Posted: 12:32PM Aug 23, 2009
Avatar for mathisnice mathisnicebus
Posts: 655

Do you need help building your wiki? Do you want to play games? Do you want to talk about a book? Find the Mathbox that is right for you! All Mathboxes are Talkboxes moderated by Braingle User, mathisnice. There are currently six Mathboxes, and more to come. For more information, click HERE.

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Join TWG #2437: Mathwolf, Werewolf with a complex points system.
Posted: 02:13PM Aug 25, 2009
Avatar for PineappleMama PineappleMamaAus
Posts: 13848

.......................... Picture's a link to Request membership to the Shop Talk TB

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Fractions are romantic.
Posted: 01:11PM Sep 8, 2009
Avatar for mathisnice mathisnicebus
Posts: 655

Mathboss 2! Mathboss is a Who's the Boss game with a points system. For more information, just click the image above!

Only 7 slots left!*
*As of 9/12/09

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Join TWG #2437: Mathwolf, Werewolf with a complex points system.
Posted: 04:58PM Sep 8, 2009
Avatar for mathisnice mathisnicebus
Posts: 655

Mathwolf 2 is here! Click on the above image for details.

Mathwolf 2 is a Werewolf game with a points system. Mathwolf, the first game of the series, was a great success.

Only 8 slots left!*
*As of 9/12/09

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Join TWG #2437: Mathwolf, Werewolf with a complex points system.
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