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GD Guidelines and Questions for the Moderators

Posted: 06:03PM Jul 15, 2009
Avatar for Brainy_1 Brainy_1Aus
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^What he said!!! Thank you Swaff!! I would like to see all of us get along and if there is a problem, yes, politely PM the Mod in question and work it out that way. I have no problem talking it out in a calm manner, that's what we all want. And Swaff, I love what you also said...for us to "hug it out"!!!

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Posted: 08:30PM Jul 15, 2009
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dolphingurl12 wrote:
I usually stay out of these debates, but I was a little offended by that post.

I'm a younger member. I'm sorry if my presence "disturbs the flow" of your conversation, but doesn't that go both ways? Don't older members disturb the flow of the younger member's conversations as well? I don't think that's a good argument for the adults getting an exclusive forum and younger members not. We are not all IFB, and I don't really like getting lumped into a disturbing category like that. I think plenty of the younger members' conversations are as valid as the older ones.

Also, adults, having access to their own money much easier than teens, can create talkboxes without kids in them to have their conversations undisturbed, but kids typically cannot. I think this is a valid argument for having a forum for younger members as well. It could be modded by a few responsible younger members, too maybe, to avoid some of the problems with moderation. I'm sure there's a few responsible teens that could do it. I can provide names if anyone finds that necessary.

I'm sorry if any of this comes across harshly, but that is just not fair to treat all of younger braingle like an annoyance. Honestly, I used to be intimidated by the BFR because all it was was adults talking and I didn't feel I had any right to post there. Now it feel it's much more universally accessible, which is what it should be, "overrun" or not.

Thank you anyone who read all that.

It definitely wasn't meant to offend you or anyone else. I can only state the facts as I know them, so don't shoot the messenger. I can tell you that I have posted far more in the BFR than I will probably ever post in the Grown Ups forum. I am not nearly as active as I once was in any of the forums, but I do enjoy the interaction from all members. However, I will say that there are a few members that are often utterly annoying and at times down right offensive. Therefore, it is nice to know that there is a place for departure from those few (sorry to say, but they are the younger members). Anyway, my apologies that you found my post offensive, but I was just trying to honestly answer the question posed.

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Posted: 09:51PM Jul 15, 2009
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Thank you, Swaff! My sentiments exactly. I've always loved coming on braingle. I've been a kid here for four years and I've always felt the moderation debates were pointless. It's a little strict, but what can you do? It is ridiculous as Smithy said. There are going to be annoying people everywhere. You don't shun the rest of whatever demographic they belong to because there's a couple of annoying people. That's not fair or sufficient.

I have preached my bit and am happy to know I am not alone. I'll leave the rest of Braingle to fight it out now.

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Posted: 10:30PM Jul 15, 2009
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I look at the Grownup forum this way. There are times when adults would like to discuss an issue or ask for advise from other adults without the fear of a minor either reading something that is over their head, boring to them or . . . . a minor jumping in the conversation, causing it to go off course. Of course the majority of the kids on braingle wouldn't do this, but a few would, either intentionally or by accident. For example, in the Grownup forum, I brought up the issue of health care for those in Nursing Homes . .. and what they and their families rights were. . . . I discussed in "some" detail why I was asking questions on this issue. . . I don't think I would have felt comfortable doing so if minors had access to what I was writing. Not that I had written anything offensive or questionable. . . . but rather, I had posted details that may have seamed a bit disturbing or too mature for a younger reader. It was reassuring to know, that only adults were reading my posts on this - and not because I don't trust the minors or don't value their insight. . . . but, there are some topics I just don't feel comfortable discussing in front of kids. So, to me, the grownup forum serves as a place to go, talk freely without any worry, and of course, not bore the kids with these grown up problems. . . . . It's not an insult to the kids around here. Not to me, at least. It's like a group of grownups, chatting over coffee. . . . . discussing grownup stuff. . . . or just enjoying each other's company. I do enjoy interacting with the kids around here . . . but there are times, when I need to go to a place where there are none. Just like at home. . . I love my kids, but there are times, when I need some space and time from them.

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Posted: 10:53PM Jul 15, 2009
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Thanks iforgotbraingle and dolphingurl12 for explaining the abbreviations. It shows you how seldom I have played games with you iforgot, or your shortcut name would have seemed second nature to me.

My two cents on this entire departure from questions for the moderators - it is obvious that many of us, even mature adults have a tendancy to sway off the topic. I think if a topic is set up for a specific topic, that it really is better for something to be said and the topic put back on track, whether it be from a Mod or a Braingle member (paid membership or not). A little deviation can always be expected and sometimes it allows for a clearing breath for all... then back to the topic. By the way Snowmonster, I concur about the adult forum for things like you brought up... it really is more of a serious discussion that could be hard to bring up with minors who are really just trying to have fun.

I, for one, think the moderators do a great job and have their hands full with the number of people on Braingle who like to push buttons or see how far they can go before someone says something about what they seem to be attempting to do. No one comes to mind right now so if someone is thinking of taking offense by this, find someone else as your escape goat. I sort of stopped coming into the general forums very often due to what I call the simple point games. I played quite a few at one point, but found no real joy in trying to figure out something to say about the avatar above me... and find it something that was created to just get post points. I say this as my opinion... and please, I am not here to debate this, I will not be swayed - as for me, it is a waste of time and though I probably will play some once in a while, I would rather mow the yard... you can all do as you want!

Oh yeah... with that said, I think we should go back to the topic with questions for the mods!

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Posted: 12:22AM Jul 16, 2009
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Okay. So about the disturbing the flow thing.

The adults get a place to go, to get away from the kids or teens.
But then the kids/teens get no where to get away from the adults?

The Kids/Teen forum wouldn't be spam because those topics would be locked, no?

Spam as in(Donkey,darn,fart,safsa,hahahaoxoxoxsalsa).

Kids have stuff they like to talk about with just other kids. Not having grown-ups, who generally overule, say their opinion.
Posted: 11:26AM Jul 16, 2009
Avatar for iforgotbraingle iforgotbraingleAus
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Why a Kid/Teen forum? Teens deserve their own forum. [Removed comment referencing how to break the rules. Mod Froggy]
Y'know, why not a forum for every age group and then for every combination. And we might as well have individual forums for genders. And age+gender combinations. And nations too, I'm sick of you Americans not understanding my Micronesian issues!

Spam would survive because the adults who would no doubt break the rules and moderate the forum (adults in anti-adult forum=fail) would think it's what we supposedly want. It'd fail fast.

Plus if we didn't have adult mods, I'm pretty sure I know who would be a moderator, and it'd be worse.

Brainy1 said:
if there is a problem, yes, politely PM the Mod in question and work it out that way

Yeah, I've tried that. A good number of times they reply, "Okay, I'll go talk to the other mods." or "I stand by my decision."
That's useless. Plus how is it fair that the mods can team up but others can't? That's far from desirable from anyone outside of your little club. Heck, we can't even see inside your little club's forum, so we have no idea how everything is ran. Transparency fail!

Oh yeah... with that said, I think we should go back to the topic with questions for the mods!

Fine. My question is: What do you respond to what I said above?

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Well then.
Posted: 11:49AM Jul 16, 2009
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[Comment removed by Moderator froggy]

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Posted: 12:30PM Jul 16, 2009
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Apologies for further straying from the original topic of GD guidelines and questions for the moderators, but this has already deviated into a discussion, or debate perhaps, concerning Braingle moderation, discontent, etc. I will be upfront about this, knowing now that blunt honesty tends to not go well.

In a nutshell, I simply no longer feel welcome in the forums, particularly GD. A couple of years ago, when I first ventured into the Community section and specifically the forums, many respected users, some of whom have since left the site, contributed to an array of topics, some serious and thoughtful that generated long discussions, others of a short, friendly, informal nature that eventually drifted to its own silence. As a newcomer, I was nervous and shy about posting at first, but did feel welcome to share my thoughts, and over time, became more involved in the forums.

That is no longer the case. I know the moderators do not necessarily mean to give this impression, but now, I feel that my opinion is not seen as worthwhile simply because I am not an adult and tend to not always agree with the moderators. I understand fully that moderating can be a difficult task, perhaps more stressful than your real life occupations, and I cannot blame you for becoming impatient, annoyed, frustrated, or downright angry when members fail to comply with reasonable requests. However, when moderators tend to routinely snap at members simply for voicing a dissenting opinion, an aura of hostility and a social stratification is created. I honestly am actually afraid to post now because of the oppression I personally feel. Frankly, I feel I have been a decent if not excellent member over the years, actively contributing to many features of the site and generally being fairly respectable and polite where possible, and am a little hurt that in the end, I am still seen as one of the "kids" who constantly spam the forums. In a little over seven months, I will be 18, but I will still consider myself to remain attached to the stigmas associated with the younger members.

I assume that there is at least one other member who shares my sentiment of feeling unwelcome here. At this point, I personally think the top priority should be to reestablish a friendly atmosphere that all members feel comfortable participating in, not simply in setting and enforcing rigid rules, deleting spam, etc. As Lincoln said, a house divided itself against stand. If all of these divisions, whether argumentative or demographic, are not resolved, what will happen? We all want a bright future for Braingle, I'm sure, but that will not happen unless we are all ready to compromise, to come together. We shouldn't see each other as Mods and People, as adults and kids, but as fellow Brainglers.

Please note that this is my own opinion, based on personal experience. I truly am sorry, not only for offending any moderators I may have, but also that circumstances are as they appear now.

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Posted: 12:30PM Jul 16, 2009
Avatar for dowinka dowinkaAus
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I just got my "First Warning."

I was told not to complain or voice my opinion anymore because they can't do anything about my problem.
Posted: 12:33PM Jul 16, 2009
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I agree with demo.

We simuposted.
Post from iforgotbraingle deleted on 01:33PM Jul 16, 2009.
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Post from dowinka deleted on 01:34PM Jul 16, 2009.
Posted: 12:47PM Jul 16, 2009
Avatar for kimberlykay kimberlykayAus
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Very well stated and appreciated on my part anyway. I am not sure which moderators you have had problems with, but I can assure you that I have always thought of you as a very valuable member of this site. Thank you kindly for so eloquently stating your feelings. However, I feel saddened that these are you thoughts. I hate to know that any member here feels uncomfortable posting in any area of the site.

I agree completely with your Lincoln quote!!! Personally, as a member, I feel that the Grown Ups forum has done more harm than good at this point. I hope that this situation does get resolved quickly, but I do think that it is up to all of to find it within our hearts to make peace in the mean time.

"Good friends are like stars...You don't always see them, but you know they are always there."
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