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The Cryptographic Case Hint

Posted: 12:45PM Feb 13, 2020
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Hi guys!

I'm new here, so I don't know for sure if this is a valid question (and in the right directory), but I wanted to ask it, so here I go:

I've been working on the Cryptographic Case of the Missing Arm (one of the puzzle hunts) and I just cannot figure out what to do in level 9. I've tried some things, but don't really know where to go because nothing seems to make fully sense.

Could someone nudge me in the right direction/send me a hint? I can understand you don't want to post it on this forum, so a private message is also okay.

It might also be that you're all totally against spilling any hints at all, but I just really enjoyed the puzzle hunt and I would love to continue puzzling!

Thanks in advance!

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Posted: 02:37PM Feb 13, 2020
Avatar for jdwhite jdwhitecus
Posts: 1035

What is level 9 about? I might be able to help you because I have beaten the game. (with help)

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Posted: 02:58PM Feb 14, 2020
Avatar for whoviandeb whoviandebAus
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I solved it a while ago and it doesn't let us go back in to see, so can you post the question here?

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Posted: 10:19AM Feb 15, 2020
Avatar for jdwhite jdwhitecus
Posts: 1035

It's too bad that it doesn't let you see the previous levels.

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Posted: 11:26AM Feb 15, 2020
Avatar for Tilley TilleyA
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I believe level 9 is the narrow strip of paper.

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Posted: 12:28PM Feb 15, 2020
Avatar for jdwhite jdwhitecus
Posts: 1035

Oh, that one was hard

Puzzler, what have you tried so far?

Before was was was, was was is.
Posted: 04:40AM Feb 19, 2020
Posts: 4

Hi guys! Thanks for your responses. It's indeed the strip of paper.

I thought it was about the book we used before (as you like it). And the message is: "Look in the back of the book", so I thought it was something like the starting letters of sentences at the last paragraph of the book.

I've also tried decoding the letters by using a Caesar Cipher, but I also didn't get something from this.

The hint is: "The pencil has 6 sides", so I'm assuming I should use a cipher with the code 6. However, I have no idea which cipher.

What I also can't figure out is what the spaces mean, because at first, there's no spaces at all, while at the end, there's multiple spaces between letters. I think it might mean that I need to fill in the spaces, and the letters filled in at the spaces might form a word.

But I just don't know how to start/continue now
Posted: 05:49AM Feb 19, 2020
Avatar for Rove_Tarts Rove_Tartsbgl
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Check in the "OTHER CIPHERS AND CODES," I think that's where it is

essentially all the same things.
Posted: 06:16AM Feb 19, 2020
Posts: 4

That helped me out! I've got it!

You're amazing, thanks for your help!

Onto puzzle 10 I go
Posted: 01:10PM Jun 15, 2020
Avatar for SqueeLover SqueeLovert
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Where's the Cryptographic Case of the Missing Arm? It sounds interesting.

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