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Posted: 10:19PM Aug 28, 2009
Posts: 1

I a newbie.
This is a fun place to be and it will help keep the grey matter ticking!

Posted: 04:32PM Aug 29, 2009
Avatar for Brainy_1 Brainy_1Aus
Posts: 6656

Welcome to all the new Brainglers!!!
One of the reasons I came to Braingle was to keep my mind from turning to mush....and I've made a lot of friends AND kept my mind from turning to mush....I think!!!
Enjoy all that Braingle has to offer. I'm sure everyone will find something they like, games, teasers, quizzes and all of the Public Forums!

I hope life isn't a joke, because I don't get it.....
Posted: 09:17PM Sep 10, 2009
Avatar for srigimi3 srigimi3Aus
Posts: 8

I'm srigimi3!
I'm a few weeks old
Posted: 12:53PM Oct 11, 2009
Posts: 1

Hi. I am Shagesh.
Posted: 02:45PM Oct 11, 2009
Posts: 6441

Hey Shag and Srig

Welcome to Braingle.
Posted: 02:51PM Oct 11, 2009
Avatar for Omaha345 Omaha345gus
Posts: 667

You're a few weeks old??? Then how do you know to use a computer??

I'm running out of Dancing Bananas.
Posted: 03:34PM Oct 27, 2009
Avatar for Jellybean451 Jellybean451gus
Posts: 4

Hi I'm actually not new to braingle. My computer fried a long time ago and used to be known as Gnerb25. I don't remember what email I signed up on for Braingle so I can't get my password back.
So I guess I just have to start over. *sadface*

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Posted: 04:39PM Oct 27, 2009
Avatar for froggygg froggyggAusmod
Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9856

Hello Jellybean. I remember you when you were Gnerb. Welcome back!

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 05:42PM Nov 4, 2009
Posts: 7

Once upon an connection, I was wandering through the dark paths of today's infinite jungle, and I stumbled across an illuminating tree that called for me. I couldn't resist but to see what that call was. So, I forgot my numb, faced my fears, lifted my hand and clicked the mouse and... What a wonderful world I saw!!!

Hi, I am Stack1607,
I really hope you let join your great community.
Please forgive my perverted sense of humor

A question that always drives me crazy, Am I or the others crazy?!
Posted: 07:18PM Nov 4, 2009
Avatar for Gerrard10 Gerrard10Aus
Posts: 1189

Welcome! Hope you like it here!

They call me Gerrard.
Posted: 08:34PM Nov 4, 2009
Avatar for froggygg froggyggAusmod
Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9856

Hi Stack and welcome to our Braingle family! Myself, I really enjoyed your little introduction and found it very original. I have no doubt that you will meet many people here and become friends with tons of members. If you have any questions about the site, don't hesitate to ask!

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 05:52PM Nov 30, 2009
Posts: 21

Hi everyone ive been a member for 24 daus and just found out this was here! Wow! Now everyone here has been very nice 2 me thank you! Im still kinda new!
Posted: 11:14AM Dec 14, 2009
Avatar for lostfan lostfanAus
Posts: 535

hi, im new here. i live on a 103 acre farm in ohio. i have 2 horses,22 sheep,12 chickens,a dog, a cat and a rabbit. as you can see i love "Lost" i also like "the lord of the rings", "harry potter" and "twilight" i enjoy reading, writing and playing quizzes

So after, when he whispers, "You love me. Real or not real?" I tell him, "Real".
Posted: 02:23PM Dec 14, 2009
Posts: 2120

Welcome lostfan! I'm not into "Lost", but I'm a LOTR and HP fan. You'll find lots of company on here!
Posted: 06:39PM Jan 31, 2010
Avatar for xxlttlemzsmilex xxlttlemzsmilexAus
Posts: 4

Hey, I've been a member for a few weeks now but I've never been in the forums. My user name is uber long and that leads to confusion in games, but my real name is Katie so if thats easier feel free to call me that, or some people have taken to calling me smile or xx. either is fine too. I am a HUGE harry potter fan, and i'm a a member on a HP forum site, and I've read twilight and I liked them but not as much as harry potter. I haven't seen lost, but I've heard its good. So yeah
Posted: 02:17AM Feb 1, 2010
Avatar for HarryPutter HarryPutterbca
Posts: 3069

You like HP better than Twilight? Then you'll feel right at home here!


Oh yeah, I'm often referred to as the "Braingle Master" or the "Braingle Sensei", due to my amazing skill, if any of you new kids were wondering. So be sure to call me that. All the other users are referred to as "minions", or "miniputters".

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Posted: 06:44PM Feb 10, 2010
Avatar for mathisnice mathisnicebus
Posts: 655

You are?
And welcome to xxlttlemzsmilex (Yes, I did copy and paste.) even though I already know you!

Join TWG #2437: Mathwolf, Werewolf with a complex points system.
Posted: 02:52PM Feb 23, 2010
Avatar for annabelle259 annabelle259Agb
Posts: 2


omg maths is nice....




Posted: 03:51PM Feb 24, 2010
Avatar for HarryPutter HarryPutterbca
Posts: 3069


Welcome anna!

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Posted: 09:09PM Feb 27, 2010
Avatar for wattsofawesome wattsofawesomegus
Posts: 71

Um... hi everyone
I've been a guest on Braingle for probably 2 years.
I just recently became a member and I already love it!

Carpe Diem = Seize the day. Carp In Denim = Fish in pants.
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