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How to Create Avatars and Forum Signatures

Posted: 10:48PM Nov 19, 2008
Avatar for stephiesd stephiesdg
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Have you tried clearing your cache and refreshing?

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Posted: 10:54PM Nov 19, 2008
Avatar for afbaxter afbaxterb
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Not quite picking up what you're putting down with that one...
Posted: 02:17PM Nov 20, 2008
Posts: 2677

To clear your cache:
.....Internet Explorer 7
............ 1. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options...
............ 2. Choose the General tab.
............ 3. Under Browsing history, click Delete...
............ 4. Next to "Temporary Internet Files", click Delete files...
............ 5. Click Close, and then click OK to exit.
.....Firefox 3 for Windows
............From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data, and then check Cache. Click Clear Private Data Now.

Source & Directions for other browsers

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Posted: 06:33PM Nov 20, 2008
Avatar for afbaxter afbaxterb
Posts: 351

Thanks you guys. [:
I'll do it and see if it works.
Posted: 07:18AM Nov 22, 2008
Avatar for zoenp zoenpbph
Posts: 93

The pictures that I want cant be used as and avatar. too bad

And a dot appears beside my name...
Posted: 12:15AM Nov 23, 2008
Avatar for afbaxter afbaxterb
Posts: 351

The "Signature" and "Personal Message" boxes still aren't showing up.
Posted: 02:36AM Nov 29, 2008
Avatar for afbaxter afbaxterb
Posts: 351

The "Signature" and "Personal Message" boxes still aren't showing up.
Posted: 06:32PM Jan 18, 2009
Avatar for iforgotbraingle iforgotbraingleAus
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Seems you got it

Well then.
Posted: 11:02PM Jan 19, 2009
Posts: 6441

For anyone else who asks about that, you have to be a member for a certain amount of time before it shows up.
Posted: 03:21PM Feb 16, 2009
Avatar for Shadows ShadowsAca
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You have to be a member for 2 weeks and need to have 50 points before you can have a signature and profile message.
Posted: 03:27PM Apr 1, 2009
Avatar for deepsea deepseaAus
Posts: 979

Does anyone know how I can resize/crop an animated gif. I have one I want to use for an avatar but Its too large. I don't have any image editing stuff on my computer except gimp and paint. Help?

Posted: 03:35PM Apr 1, 2009
Posts: 2677

If you have it uploaded to Photobucket or any other image/file uploading site, I can try to resize it for you.

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Posted: 09:58PM Feb 25, 2010
Avatar for mathisnice mathisnicebus
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Or you can just Google Tinypic.

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Posted: 02:00AM Jul 27, 2010
Avatar for Blackrose93 Blackrose93Aus
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How can i upload a pic as my avatar even though its a bigger seize than what it should be? its to big for the avatar how do i make it smaller?
Posted: 06:52AM Aug 30, 2010
Avatar for Oldcustard OldcustardAau
Posts: 170

irishthistle wrote:

To put in your forum signature:
Up at the top left of the screen, you will see your username. Directly beneath that, you will see a link that says My Account.. Click on this link, it will take you to a page where you can change all sorts of preferences. The second link is Edit Personal Information.Click this link, the second box from the top will have the bolded word Signature: before it. Type in your signature, and click Update Account, and you are done.

To put in your personal message:
Follow the above instructions to get to your Edit Personal Information screen. The first box will have the bolded words Personal Message: next to it. Type in your personal message and click Update Account, and you are done.

In my personal info page, there is no Signature or Personal message field. Do I have to wait a few days? Please reply!
Posted: 05:09PM Sep 2, 2010
Posts: 351

Yes, you have to wait. It will appear on its own when you've been here long enough.
Posted: 02:28PM Nov 16, 2010
Avatar for Candyhook CandyhookAus
Posts: 123

i did that, but it didnt work.i wanted to upload my own avatar

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Posted: 08:27PM Nov 16, 2010
Avatar for vlerma vlermaAus
Grayma V
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First click on "my account" at the top of the page. Then click on "Edit Personal Information".

You will need to upload your avatar to braingle using this form. To do this, you must have your avatar as an image somewhere on your computer. If have a url for your avatar, you must download it to your computer first, and then upload it to braingle.

Once you change your avatar, you may need to refresh your web browser or empty your browsers cache to see your new avatar.

This information was copied from the FAQ listed at the bottom of the page. For those who have avatars that are larger than 100x100 pixels, they will need to be downsized. I have all my work on Photobucket and they do have a Sizer there, however, if you don't have access to one of the programs that has an adjuster perhaps asking one of the mods to size it for you, at least would get you started with the picture you wish to use. In time you will learn how to do this and which programs are available for that job. I hope this will answer both questions for the new people above.

Welcome to Braingle, look around, enjoy yourself and you, I am sure, will make many new friends. Enjoy yourselves. And if you still have questions please don't be afraid to ask. Sometimes I don't get everything people want, but I want them to know we have a friendly bunch around here.

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Posted: 12:37AM Jan 3, 2011
Avatar for spud spudAnz
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how do you guys make it coloured????

Check out my wiki.
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