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Posted: 10:58AM Nov 6, 2007
Avatar for Sunrose SunroseAus
Posts: 3490

This topic is for moderators of WTB/TWG to post their new up-coming game.

Please if you have questions about a game, contact the moderator of that game.

Moderators that post games please post:

Day and Time you will starting the game.
A brief description of the theme if you have one.
If it is a open game or private game.
The number of players, and the time limit of the game.

Note: These things are not required, but it may help find players for your game. So it is totally up to you how you wish to advertise your game!

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Posted: 12:19PM Nov 6, 2007
Avatar for cyberstar5150 cyberstar5150bus
Posts: 19

Alright everyone, here's the drill

The name of the game is Who's the Boss. My game is: #226: The Mystery of Mr. Sullivan.

You are a guest at Mr. Sullivan's grand party and are having a great time. Then suddenly, a great catastrophe occurs. Search for my game and read the storyline to find out!

It is an open game, but the players must be active. Active is defined as you sign on to Braingle AT LEAST once every two days. I think I may make it private, but if I do, I'll post the new number up and you can PM me so I can add you as a friend.

The rounds last two days to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to vote, yet the game won't go on forever.

The plot is VERY dynamic, so don't join if you don't like plot twists and sudden turns in the story.

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Posted: 12:30PM Nov 6, 2007
Avatar for Dontrelle Dontrelle*
Posts: 4759

Game has started thanks to everyone who has joined!

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Posted: 01:54PM Nov 6, 2007
Avatar for Smeraldina SmeraldinaAus
Posts: 222

Sign ups are now open for SPY GAME 6: BACK IN ACTION. It's a locked game to ensure active participation. If you would like to join, please pm me so I can add you to my buddy list. Fair warning: if you have a history of being dropped from WTB games due to inactivity or rule-breaking, I may not add you.

Posted: 06:27PM Nov 6, 2007
Avatar for onua9159 onua9159Aus
Posts: 61

My game is ID #311 Werewolf Strike. There will be clues and a tally on wolves and humans eaten/shot. There will also be one seer. This is an open game and will start when 15 players join. The day and night are all 1 day long.

Please join.

Posted: 01:09PM Nov 7, 2007
Avatar for tukuwakatiki tukuwakatikiAus
Posts: 90

my game ID is #273 Twilight Version second edition. It is based on the book Twilight, but you musn't be familiar with the book. The people are vampires. So vampires Vs. Werewolves...I tell stories with it to make it more interessting, the das are 2 days and nights are 1 day. It is for 15 players, we need 12 more. Please sign up!!!


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Posted: 07:55PM Nov 10, 2007
Avatar for MellowWillow MellowWillow*us
Posts: 184

Okay here's the deal everyone:

#303 Werewolf Game: Space Edition!
It's a space themed werewolf game. Humans are astraunauts, Werewolfs are aliens, The Seer is the pilot.
This game is opened to everyone, just be sure to be active!
Signups are open till' 15 players and Day is 2 days, Night is 2 days. It'll be faster if you're active!

Please join my first werewolf game!
Thanks a million,
Posted: 03:02PM Nov 11, 2007
Avatar for horseluvr horseluvrAus
Posts: 49

The title of my game is "Clues!" I will be giving one clue each round as to the identity of a wolf. I will be telling you the the identity of one person and it is up to you to tell me when and who. Starting round four it must be on a deceased person. In order to approve the use of the "Divine Identity", a vote of 51% or more must occur by posting. I will also tell you who inactive wolves are at the beginning of round 4. . It is game #320. As of now we have 7 players, but it is made for 20.

Day and Night are 2 days each because sometimes I can't get on every day to give a clue. If you would like to join it, please click here.

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Posted: 06:28PM Nov 11, 2007
Avatar for 4demo 4demogus
Posts: 1194

Currently accepting sign-ups for WTB Game #228: The Braingle Times. Players are staff reporters and are obligated to post an "article" each round stating who they are voting for with a short explanation why; the Boss and Rat and respectively the Editor and Assistant Editor, and the mod serves as the Human Resources department.

This game has 48-hour rounds to allow players to play without fear of being fired due to one-day inactivity. This game is a private game for 10 players; if you would like to play and are not yet a Buddy of mine, please PM me. As a general rule of thumb, I will allow you to play if you are "friendly and active", loosely defined as logging on more than 4 days a week, participating positively throughout the site, and having good karma.


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Posted: 06:59PM Nov 12, 2007
Avatar for malliecat95 malliecat95A
Posts: 2

Hello my name is Mallie.
Lets start with my werewolf game.

The name of my werewolf game is Palm Tree Party.The days last 2 days.The night last 1 day.Whos the moderator?Me of course!!!The subject of this game? You will have to sighn up and see!Heres a preview....Okay theres a photogragher.The photo(short for photographer) is taking a picture of a rober. The rober runs up the palm tree.Your job is to figure out who the rober,photographer,and the witnesses are.

Werewolf game #326 Name title Palm Tree Party 2 days for day 1 day for night moderateor me

Whos The Boss game #237 name title Whos The Big bad Boss moderator me game lenth 3 days

My games.WTB-#237. Werewolf-#326.plz jion every1.:)
Posted: 03:48AM Nov 17, 2007
Avatar for Radioguy RadioguyAusmod
Posts: 3588

Arr, me mateys! This time, me ship will not be a-sailin', but we will be dealing with the British on the ground. Join me for Black Hook 4: Shore Leave Crisis, the forth in me series! ARR!

It be a private game, but if ye is goin' to be an active player, You might land on me Buddy List, says I! Each of them rounds will be one day long, and that's long enough for this old seadog. Shiver me timbers, and let's go fight the British!

I will now resume lurking silently.
Posted: 08:45PM Nov 17, 2007
Avatar for musicguy musicguyAus
Posts: 542

I am modding my fourth game i believe it is rockstars rise. the game has already begun to take sign ups it will be 1day and 1night so it will be somewhat quick. if you have played any of my games i give out song lyrics and i let the players rewrite them anyway they want so it should be fun

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Post from deepsea deleted on 08:29PM Nov 25, 2007.
Posted: 02:35PM Nov 19, 2007
Avatar for Sunrose SunroseAus
Posts: 3490

"Alchemy Troubles!" will be starting within a few hours today. It will be a open game, there is a theme so please head over to the WTB games area and check it out!

This game will need 20 players in it.

EDIT NOTE: Game is now up and waiting for ACTIVE players!!

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Made your bed, now lay in it....But you can always add a bedside table, change the sheets, take out the doesn't have to stay the same unless you want it to.
Posted: 05:36PM Nov 19, 2007
Avatar for mocha613 mocha613Aus
Posts: 360

The Werewolf Game #335: The "Scholarship" Competition is now accepting contestants! The idea is the players are contestants in a scholarship competition, and a few contestants are trying to put the competition in bad light by calling it a "beauty pageant". There will be events throughout the game that the players will be judged in for the competition. At the end of the game, one player will be crowned Miss or Mr Braingle, regardless of which team (wolf/human) wins.

It is a private game to encourage active players. To join, pm me with an application (see the information in round 0). I will be glad to add you if you were active in your previous game.

Stats: 1 day for day, 1 day for night. 15 contestants. Sign up now!

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Posted: 12:41PM Nov 22, 2007
Posts: 149

Please join my werewolf game. It is called
TWG: Kingdom Hearts Edition.
It is game #351.
Posted: 04:52PM Nov 25, 2007
Avatar for Fire_Shell96 Fire_Shell96b
Posts: 381

i have a question about Werewolf. I'm planning to moderate my own game after i finish the one I am currently in. does anyone have any tips as to get people to join your game? i have waited days and days for people to join (my first attempt to moderate a game), but then they just left.

Please help,


"Don't say anything if you don't have something nice to say." Jeez, I wouldn't want to know what goes on in the minds of quiet people.
Posted: 05:20PM Nov 25, 2007
Avatar for Radioguy RadioguyAusmod
Posts: 3588

Don't make the days too long, advertise within Braingle rules, and try to come up with your own unique fun theme, if possible.

I will now resume lurking silently.
Posted: 05:29PM Nov 25, 2007
Avatar for Fire_Shell96 Fire_Shell96b
Posts: 381

thnx for the advice!

"Don't say anything if you don't have something nice to say." Jeez, I wouldn't want to know what goes on in the minds of quiet people.
Posted: 10:55PM Nov 26, 2007
Avatar for musicguy musicguyAus
Posts: 542

Well i have opened a new Wolf game its called "Rockstars undergroung glory" if you want info on the theme just read the post i have in the game. The days are 48 hours and the nights are 24 sign ups are now so if you want in check it out

I've been trying to reach you. but your extension cord doesn't reach that far
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