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Game Forum Rules and Questions for the Moderators

Posted: 03:02PM Apr 1, 2017
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CASSIEY just a couple words to a new member. First of all welcome to Braingle. Do hope you will enjoy all we have to offer. There are many different games to play and friends to make. I like your idea of "don't fight" but you have posted on something that is 2 years old, so am sure the discussion is already forgotten. Pay attention to the dates of the last post so you can be a little more up to date. Being new I can see how this could happen.

We seem to be picking up new members at a nice rate, which is nice. And please, if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. There is always someone around here who will be very happy to answer you and make suggestions. Again, welcome to our family style site. vlerma (also known as Grayma V)

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Posted: 11:50PM Dec 22, 2017
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Yall need to sling me some of dat good karma
Posted: 02:06PM Jan 25, 2018
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I'm quickly getting the impression that chess rankings have everything to do with participation and very little to do with how good you are at chess. Is this correct?

Also, could some penalty be established for letting games time out, even if it is under 10 moves? I've found that some people like to let games worth few points end without bothering to move, which makes me choose between giving up the slot for five days, messaging the other player to try to work things out, and losing my winning streak (which seems to be the only indicator of skill) by conceding the game. Or just lowering the default time limit would help as well. (It may be worth noting that the 10-move minimum for concession by timing out could be abused by a griefer who happens to lose a game exceptionally quickly and decides to keep his opponent from gaining points by it.)

Thanks much!

Edit to add a question: The instructions say,
Castling is when the king and rook do a little tango and swap places.
Might this be rather unclear for new players since neither piece actually ends up on the square previously occupied by the other? I usually tell people the King moves two squares toward the Rook and the Rook moves to the other side of the King. Might something like this be more understandable?

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Posted: 02:54PM Jan 26, 2018
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Inappropriate comment removed by Moderator froggy. Patchyss, this is a family friendly site. Please do not post inappropriate comments.

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Posted: 07:44PM Jan 28, 2018
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im sorry about the comment
Post from Patchyss deleted on 06:12PM Nov 14, 2018.
Post from KDestroyer9 deleted on 06:12PM Nov 14, 2018.
Posted: 03:16AM Apr 30, 2020
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Posted: 07:10AM Nov 26, 2020
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Posted: 06:52PM Jan 30, 2024
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To get the Tetris award do you need a lifetime 500 lines or 500 lines in one game?
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