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Posted: 12:33PM Jul 2, 2017
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Grayma V
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On February 14, 2006, xdbtcp became a member of Braingle. He has gotten awards for casting 2365 teaser votes and playing 2195 quizzes. He is from Indianapolis and his birthday is today, July 2nd. Hope you are enjoying your birthday with family, friends and other loved ones.


1776 - Richard Henry Lee's resolution that the American colonies "are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States" was adopted by the Continental Congress.
1850 - Prussia agreed to pull out of Schlewig and Holstein, Germany.
1850 - Benjamin Lane patented a gas mask with a breathing apparatus. (Patent US7476 A)
1857 - New York City's first elevated railroad officially opened for business.
1858 - Czar Alexander II freed the serfs working on imperial lands.
1881 - Charles J. Guiteau fatally wounded U.S. President James A. Garfield in Washington, DC.
1890 - The U.S. Congress passed the Sherman Antitrust Act.
1926 - The U.S. Congress established the Army Air Corps.
1937 - American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart disappeared in the Central Pacific during an attempt to fly around the world at the equator.
1939 - At Mount Rushmore, Theodore Roosevelt's face was dedicated.
1944 - American bombers, as part of Operation Gardening, dropped land mines, leaflets and bombs on German-occupied Budapest.
1947 - An object crashed near Roswell, NM. The U.S. Army Air Force insisted it was a weather balloon, but eyewitness accounts led to speculation that it might have been an alien spacecraft.
1962 - Wal-Mart Discount City opened in Rogers, Arkansas. It was the first Walmart store.
1964 - U.S. President Johnson signed the "Civil Rights Act of 1964" into law. The act made it illegal in the U.S. to discriminate against others because of their race.
1967 - The U.S. Marine Corps launched Operation Buffalo in response to the North Vietnamese Army's efforts to seize the Marine base at Con Thien.
1976 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the death penalty was not inherently cruel or unusual.
1976 - North Vietnam and South Vietnam were reunited.
1979 - The U.S. Mint officially released the Susan B. Anthony coin in Rochester, NY.
1980 - U.S. President Jimmy Carter reinstated draft registration for males 18 years of age.
1981 - Soyuz T-6 returned to Earth.
1982 - Larry Walters ("Lawnchair Larry") took flight in his homeade airship that consisted of a lawnchair with 45 helium-filled weather balloons attached to it. He stayed in flight for about an hour.
1985 - General Motors announced that it was installing electronic road maps as an option in some of its higher-priced cars.
1995 - "Forbes" magazine reported that Microsoft's chairman, Bill Gates, was the worth $12.9 billion, making him the world's richest man.
1998 - Cable News Network (CNN) retracted a story that alleged that U.S. commandos had used nerve gas to kill American defectors during the Vietnam War.
2000 - In Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada of the National Action Party (PAN) defeated Francisco Labastida Ochoa of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the presidential election. The PRI had controlled the presidency in Mexico since the party was founded in 1929.


Thurgood Marshall 1908 - U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Ken Curtis 1916 - Actor, known for his role as Festus Haggen in the TV series "Gunsmoke"
Robert Sarnoff 1918 - Known for the TV series documentary "Victory at Sea"
Daniel Hale "Dan" Rowan 1922 - Comedian
Marvin Rainwater 1925 - Country and rockabilly singer and songwriter
Medgar Evers 1925 - Civil rights activist from Mississippi
Brock Peters 1927 - Actor ("To Kill a Mockingbird")
Imelda Marcos 1929 - Widow of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos
Ahmad Jamal 1930 - Jazz pianist
Robert Ito 1931 - Actor ("Quincy")
Dave Thomas 1932 - Founder for Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Tom Springfield 1934 - Musician (The Springfields), brother of Dusty Springfield
Richard Petty 1937 - Auto racer
Polly Holliday 1937 - Actress ("Alice")
Paul Williams (The Primes, The Temptations) 1939
Mike Abene 1942 - Jazz pianist
Ronald Arthur "Ron" Silver 1946 - Actor
Larry David 1947 - Writer, director
Saul Rubinek 1948 - Actor
Roy Bittan 1949 - Musician (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band)
Joe Puerta (Bruce Hornsby & The Range) 1951
Johnny Colla (Soundhole, Huey Lewis & The News) 1952
Pete Briquette (The Boomtown Rats) 1954
Jerry Hall 1956 - Actress, model
Jimmy McNichol 1961 - Actor, singer
Dave Parsons 1965 - Musician (Bush)
Yancy Butler 1970 - Actress
Michelle Branch 1983 - Singer
Vanessa Lee Chester 1984 - Actress ("The Lost World: Jurassic Park")
Johnny Weir 1984 - Figure skater
Ashley Tisdale 1985 - Singer, actress ("The Suite Life of Zack & Cody," "High School Musical" movies)
Lindsay Lohan 1986 - Actress


1955 - ABC Television premiered "The Lawrence Welk Show."
1956 - Elvis Presley recorded "Hound Dog" and "Don't Be Cruel."
1956 - Buddy Holly's first single "Blue Days, Black Nights" b/w "Love Me" was released.
1961 - The Drifters released the single "Sweets For My Sweet."
1976 - For the first time in 12 years, Brian Wilson joined the Beach Boys on stage. The next night the show was recorded for an NBC Beach Boys special.
1981 - Bruce Springsteen played the first show ever at the 21,000 seat Brendan Byrne Meadowlands Arena in New Jersey.
1984 - Epic Records set a record as two million copies of the Jacksons' "Victory" were shipped to stores. It was the first time that such a large initial shipment had been made.
1986 - The Prince movie "Under The Cherry Moon" was released. It was his second movie.
1990 - Representatives of the Italian Catholic Church announced that they would attempt to halt Madonna's concerts in Rome because of her alleged inappropriate use of crucifixes and sacred symbols.
1991 - "Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection: The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time" was released.
1991 - Axl Rose (Guns 'n' Roses) sparked a riot during a concert outside of St. Louis when he jumped off the stage and attacked a fan who was videotaping the concert. 60 people were hurt.
2005 - MTV and VH1 aired the eight hours of the Live 8 concerts. The performances, featuring artists U2, Coldplay, Madonna, Dave Matthews Band, Jay-Z and Destiny's Child among many others, were held in eight cities to raise awareness of poverty in Africa.
2005 - The original members of Pink Floyd performed at the Live 8 concert in London. It was the first time the group had played together in more than 24 years.
2014 - In Grand Rapids, MI, Mötley Crüe began their final tour.

As Birthdays come and Birthdays go this wish is sent, to let you know .. One year's over, another's begun here's hoping you'll have loads of fun. Happy Birthday

The sound of the wild, but if there is no one there, does anyone hear their howls?
Posted: 06:35PM Jul 8, 2017
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Grayma V
Posts: 4422

Today, July 8th, dbakashojou, a lady from Norfolk, NY, is celebrating her birthday. She joined Braingle on 11/29/16. A purchasing agent, she enjoys riddles, statistics, reading, movies, hiking and cats. Her byline is a self made statement that says "You could, cause you can, so you do." Our Braingle members all wish you a Happy Birthday, dbakashojou.


1608 - The first French settlement at Quebec was established by Samuel de Champlain.
1663 - King Charles II of England granted a charter to Rhode Island.
1693 - Uniforms for police in New York City were authorized.
1776 - Col. John Nixon gave the first public reading of the U.S. Declaration of Independence to a crowd at Independence Square in Philadelphia.
1794 - French troops captured Brussels, Belgium.
1795 - Kent County Free School changed its name to Washington College. It was the first college to be named after U.S. President George Washington. The school was established by an act of the Maryland Assembly in 1723.
1815 - Louis XVIII returned to Paris after the defeat of Napoleon. 1865 - C.E. Barnes patented the machine gun.
1879 - The first ship to use electric lights departed from San Francisco, CA.
1881 - Edward Berner, druggist in Two Rivers, WI, poured chocolate syrup on ice cream in a dish. To this time chocolate syrup had only been used for making ice-cream sodas. 1889 - The Wall Street Journal was first published.
1889 - John L. Sullivan defeated Jake Kilrain, in the last championship bare-knuckle fight. The fight lasted 75 rounds.
1907 - Florenz Ziegfeld staged his first "Follies" on the roof of the New York Theater in New York City.
1919 - U.S. President Wilson returned from the Versailles Peace Conference in France.
1947 - Demolition work began in New York City for the new permanent headquarters of the United Nations.
1950 - General Douglas MacArthur was named commander-in-chief of United Nations forces in Korea.
1953 - Notre Dame announced that the next five years of its football games would be shown in theatres over closed circuit TV.
1960 - The Soviet Union charged Gary Powers with espionage. He was shot down in a U-2 spy plane.
1963 - All Cuban-owned assets in the United States were frozen.
1969 - The U.S. Patent Office issued a patent for the game "Twister."
1970 - The San Francisco Giant's Jim Ray Hart became the first National League player in 59 seasons to collect six runs batted (RBI) during a single inning.
1981 - The Solar Challenger became the frist solar-powered airplane to cross the English Channel.
1986 - Kurt Waldheim was inaugurated as president of Austria despite controversy over his alleged ties to Nazi war crimes.
1997 - The Mayo Clinic and the U.S. government warned that the diet-drug combination known as "fen-phen" could cause serious heart and lung damage.
1997 - NATO invited Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic to join the alliance in 1999.
2000 - J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" was released in the U.S. It was the fourth Harry Potter book.
2010 - The Solar Impulse completed the first 24-hour flight by a solar powered plane.


Ferdinand von Zeppelin 1838
John D. Rockefeller 1839
Louis Jordan 1908
Billy Eckstine 1914
Faye Emerson 1917
Pamela Brown 1918
Craig Stevens 1918
Harrison Dillard 1923
Shirley Ann Grau 1929
Roone Arledge 1931
Jerry Vale 1932
Marty Feldman 1933
Steve Lawrence 1935
Barbara Loden 1937
Faye Wattleton 1943
Jeffrey Tambor 1944 Jai Johanny Johanson (Jaimoe, John Johan Johanson) 1944 - Musician (Allman Brothers Band)
Cynthia Gregory 1946
Kim Darby 1948
Raffi Cavoukian 1948
Wolfgang Puck 1949
Anjelica Huston 1951
Margaret Stowe 1952
Marianne Williamson 1952
Kevin Bacon 1958
Toby Keith 1961
Graham Jones 1961 - Musician (Haircut 100)
Andy Fletcher 1961 - Musician (Depeche Mode)
Rob Burnett 1962
Joan Osborne 1962
Corey Parker 1965 Billy Crudup 1968
Beck Hansen (Bek David Campbell) 1970 - Musician, songwriter
Drew Womack 1970 - Musician (Sons of the Desert)
Kathleen Robertson 1973
Tavis Werts 1977 - Musician (Reel Big Fish)


1958 - The first gold record album was presented by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The award went to the soundtrack "Oklahoma!"
1969 - Marianne Faithfull took an overdose of barbiturates on the set of the movie "Ned Kely."
1970 - "The Everly Brothers Show" was launched on ABC-TV as a summer series.
1972 - The Who's "Join Together" was released in the U.S.
1978 - Exile's "Kiss You All Over" was released.
1985 - "Playboy" and "Penthouse" magazines went on sale with nude pictures of Madonna.
1996 - The Spice Girls debut single "Wannabe" was released in Great Britain.
1998 - Two armed men broke into the home of Foxy Brown (a.k.a. Inga Marchand). Brown and her mother were both in the apartment but suffered no injuries.
1998 - The Roy Orbison Estate filed a $12 million royalty suit against Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Wishing you smiles, laughter, joy and cheer, new happiness that stays throughout the year. Hope your birthday brings all these and more, filing life with surprises and joys galore. Glorious Happy Birthday.

The sound of the wild, but if there is no one there, does anyone hear their howls?
Posted: 06:16PM Jul 9, 2017
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Grayma V
Posts: 4422

So today, July 9th, the Braingle family is extending birthday wishes to RGW4. He has been a member of our happy family since August 3, 2005, so he has been around a while. I know he is a moderator and tries to keep some of us in line. He has been self employed and has recently retired so now is doing some Honey Dos around home. He was supposed to share some pictures of his kitchen do over. He lives in California and used to be involved in getting the floats ready for the Rose Parade. His interest now include his grandkids and genealogy Make sure you take the time to check out his wiki.

Now I know it is hot out there , it is 95 here today and we don't have any cool water to run in except maybe if we find a big irrigation system watering a field somewhere. So I guess we will have to follow the suggestion from your byline "Life is fun... enjoy it like I do!'' HAPPY BIRTHDY, RANDY!


1776 - The American Declaration of Independence was read aloud to Gen. George Washington's troops in New York.
1789 - In Versailles, the French National Assembly declared itself the Constituent Assembly and began to prepare a French constitution.
1790 - The Swedish navy captured one third of the Russian fleet at the naval battle of Svensksund in the Baltic Sea.
1792 - S.L. Mitchell of Columbia College in New York City became the first Professor of Agriculture.
1808 - The leather-splitting machine was patented by Samuel Parker.
1816 - Argentina declared independence from Spain.
1847 - A 10-hour work day was established for workers in the state of New Hampshire.
1868 - The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. The amendment was designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of recently freed slaves. It did this by prohibiting states from denying or abridging the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, depriving any person of his life, liberty, or property without due process of law, or denying to any person within their jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
1872 - The doughnut cutter was patented by John F. Blondel.
1877 - Alexander Graham Bell, Gardiner Greene Hubbard, Thomas Sanders and Thomas Watson formed the Bell Telephone Company.
1878 - The corncob pipe was patented by Henry Tibbe.
1900 - The Commonwealth of Australia was established by an act of the British Parliament, uniting the separate colonies under a federal government.
1922 - Johnny Weissmuller became the first person to swim the 100 meters freestyle in less than a minute.
1935 - Norman Bright ran the two mile event in the record time of 9 minutes, 13.2 seconds at a meet in New York City.
1943 - American and British forces made an amphibious landing on Sicily.
1947 - The engagement of Britain's Princess Elizabeth to Lt. Philip Mountbatten was announced.
1951 - U.S. President Truman asked Congress to formally end the state of war between the United States and Germany.
1953 - New York Airways began the first commuter passenger service by helicopter.
1968 - The first All-Star baseball game to be played indoors took place at the Astrodome in Houston, TX.
1971 - The United States turned over complete responsibility of the Demilitarized Zone to South Vietnamese units.
1985 - Herschel Walker of the New Jersey Generals was named the Most Valuable Player in the United States Football League (USFL).
1985 - Joe Namath signed a five-year pact with ABC-TV to provide commentary for "Monday Night Football".
1997 - Mike Tyson was banned from the boxing ring and fined $3 million for biting the ear of opponent Evander Holyfield.
2005 - Danny Way, a daredevil skateboarder, rolled down a large ramp and jumped across the Great Wall of China. He was the first person to clear the wall without motorized aid.
2015 - The South Carolina House of Representatives approved taking down the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds. The flag was removed the next day and taken to a state military museum.


Clara Bow 1907 - Actress (Down to the Sea in Ships, The Plastic Age)
Harold C. Fox 1910
Leonard Pennario 1924
Red Kelly 1927
Ed Ames 1927 - Actor, musician (The Ames Brothers)
Lee Hazlewood 1929
Jesse McReynolds 1929
June Jordan 1936
James Hampton 1936
Brian Dennehy 1938 - Actor
Richard Roundtree 1942 - Actor
Dean Koontz 1945 - Author
Bon Scott (AC/DC) 1946 - AC/DC Merchandise
O.J. Simpson 1947 - Football player, actor
Chris Cooper 1951 - Actor
John Tesh 1952 - Musician, television personality
David Ball 1953
Debbie Sledge 1954 - Musician (Sister Sledge)
Tom Hanks 1956 - Actor
Kelly McGillis 1957 - Actress
Jimmy Smits 1958 - Actor
Jim Kerr 1959 - Musician (Simple Minds)
Marc Almond 1959 - Musician (Soft Cell)
Courtney Love 1964 - Musician (Hole)
Frank Bello 1965 - Musician (Anthrax)
Scott Grimes 1971 - Actor
Enrique Murciano 1973 - Actor ("Without a Trace")
Fred Savage 1976 - Actor ("The Wonder Years")


1915 - Composer David Diamond was born.
1955 - The Bill Haley & His Comets single "Rock Around the Clock" hit #1 on Billboard's Pop charts. This was the first time a rock and roll recording accomplished this feat.
1956 - Dick Clark made his debut as host of "Bandstand" on a Philadelphia TV station. The name of the show was changed to "American Bandstand" when it went to ABC-TV.
1958 - Johnny Cash signed with Columbia Records.
1972 - Paul McCartney appeared on stage for the first time since 1966 as his group, Wings, opened at Chateauvillon in the south of France.
1974 - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young started their reunion tour in Seattle.
1977 - Elvis Costello quit his day job as a computer operator at a cosmetic factory.
1981 - The Jacksons began a 36 city tour.
1981 - The second Broadway revival of "Fiddler on the Roof" opened at Lincoln Center's New York State Theater.
1984 - The album "Ice Cream Castle" was released by The Time.
1991 - U.S. President George Bush presented a National Medal of Art to Roy Acuff.
1995 - The Grateful Dead gave their last concert with Jerry Garcia at Chicago's Soldier Field. Garcia died the next month of a heart attack.
1996 - Prince released the album "Chaos and Disorder."
1998 - Scott Weiland had an bench warrant issued for him when he missed his second court date stemming from drug possession charges.
1998 - MTV Networks Europe announced in London the launch of freeform music channel M2 Europe. It was the first TV station to be launched on the internet.
1998 - Robert "Waddy" Wachtel and his wife were arrested for investigation of possessing child pornography, allegedly found on his personal computer.
1998 - Janet Jackson set a gross revenue record of $875,000 at the MCI Center in Washington, DC. The previous record was set by Yanni on January 31, 1998, with $860,300.
1999 - Mary Chapin Carpenter canceled a concert at Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts in Springfield, MO, at the last minute. She had to fly home to tend to a very sick Golden Retriever.
1999 - The state of Indiana renamed a 25-mile stretch of Interstate Route 65 as "Kenneth Babyface Edmonds Highway." The same day Babyface donated $50,000 to establish VH1's Save The Music campaign in the state.
2001 - The Backstreet Boys temporarily stopped their "Black & Blue World Tour 2001." The tour had to be put on hold because A.J. McLean entered a treatment center for depression and alcohol abuse. The tour resumed on August 24th.

Some say that a Birthday is a great time to look back at the past year. Others say a Birthday is a good time to think about what lies ahead. I say 'cut the cake' and let's eat. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The sound of the wild, but if there is no one there, does anyone hear their howls?
Posted: 11:09PM Jul 9, 2017
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Magical Sorceress Frog
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---This message was edited on 11:54PM Jul 18, 2017---

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 08:26PM Jul 10, 2017
Avatar for RGW4 RGW4Ausmod
Posts: 2368

Thank you Vlerma and Froggy... it was grand! Now to visit my SS office and see how to get a monthly check!

Sitting on a book shelf doesn't make you a book, any more than going to Church makes you a Christian.
Posted: 11:36PM Jul 10, 2017
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Magical Sorceress Frog
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Randy, I took care of my Social Security on the Internet. Didn't have to fight the traffic and lines at the local SS office. The site is totally secure and so easy.

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 11:38AM Jul 11, 2017
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Posts: 2368

Thanks... I take it they have FAQ's too... because I have to weigh getting it now or waiting a year or two.

Sitting on a book shelf doesn't make you a book, any more than going to Church makes you a Christian.
Posted: 01:11PM Jul 11, 2017
Avatar for froggygg froggyggAusmod
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Yes, they do. I opted to take it early because you never know what the future holds for any of us or for the funds in Social Security. This seems to be what most people are considering and doing...

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 11:56PM Jul 18, 2017
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I wanted to let all upcoming birthday members that Grayma will not be on site for a few weeks. She is sick and in the ICU. Keep her in your prayers.

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 10:37AM Feb 25, 2018
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Posts: 7946

Happy Birthday Papa Fish and to many more.

To all the survivors out there, perseverance does pays off, little by little. JHS
Posted: 06:44PM Feb 25, 2018
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Magical Sorceress Frog
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY FISH! I hope you have a wonderful day spent with your family and enjoying life! Not only are you my mentor, but also a special friend and I wish you nothing but the best.

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 08:01AM Apr 5, 2019
Avatar for 4wheels 4wheelsAus
Posts: 5100

happy birthday snowmonster!!!

I'm on Braingle far too long, I stay on the computer from dusk to dawn. Playing games and chatting with friends, the novelity of it never ends.
Posted: 10:36AM Apr 5, 2019
Avatar for bluegrasss bluegrasssAusmod
Posts: 7946

Happy Birthday Snowmonster and here is to another year of getting younger.

To all the survivors out there, perseverance does pays off, little by little. JHS
Posted: 04:23AM Apr 18, 2019
Avatar for snappytom snappytomg
Posts: 5382

Younger! I remember that!

Snappy Snappy Snap..Snap Snap Snap Snap!
Posted: 03:48PM Feb 18, 2020
Avatar for jdwhite jdwhitecus
Posts: 1035

One day until Rove's birthday!

Before was was was, was was is.
Posted: 12:27PM Feb 19, 2020
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Posts: 1035


Before was was was, was was is.
Posted: 02:26PM Mar 12, 2020
Avatar for 4wheels 4wheelsAus
Posts: 5100

Happy birthday froggy!!

I'm on Braingle far too long, I stay on the computer from dusk to dawn. Playing games and chatting with friends, the novelity of it never ends.
Posted: 07:16PM Apr 5, 2020
Avatar for 4wheels 4wheelsAus
Posts: 5100

Happy birthday snowmonster!!

I'm on Braingle far too long, I stay on the computer from dusk to dawn. Playing games and chatting with friends, the novelity of it never ends.
Posted: 02:55PM Apr 11, 2020
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Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9721

Thank you Wheels!

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 07:37PM Sep 15, 2020
Avatar for AlienChipBrain AlienChipBraingus
Posts: 977

Happy birthday Funfor1!!

"I am filing sue, my cat eats bonk and smashed"
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